Our Products & Services

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These are high quality improved seeds to smallholder farmers. Pay back with interest after the gestation period. These are Parasites Climate Resilient Seeds and offer a high yield.


SMEs digital credit

These are loans for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (especially women owned) to provide them with working capital to help them grow and be empowered financially.


Farmers digital credit

This is a loan tailored for farmers for the purpose of financing the farm activities like cultivation expenses, expansion, fertilizers, pesticides, meeting of labour expenses etc..


Agro-Inputs On Credit

limited access to finance is one of the major challenges to accessing inputs in rural communities. Farmers also spend about 12-25% of their income on agro-inputs.


Market information

Market information is disseminated through display board in identified agents, SMS & Email notifications shall be sent to the subscribed clients


Extension services.

Providing the services farmers need in order to develop, and understanding the important difference between working FOR and working WITH farmers